The Buzz of Social Engagement is Golden

Meet Hyvve

A Revolutionary Digital Ecosystem

Bee the Keeper of Your Colony

Designed to create buzz year-round and unite your colony, Hyvve is revolutionizing the digital ecosystem. Streamline communications, feed collaboration, distribute content, and deliver commerce in a single habitat available in mobile and desktop formats. Conserve energy by migrating current branding and systems into an easily configurable, user-friendly back end platform. With Hyvve, pollinating your industry 365 days a year has never been so sweet!

Mind Their Beeswax


Leverage behavioral tags to understand user utilization within the system to pull robust data to create segemented engagement funnels

Create Worker Bees


Utilize user generated content in the social wall and groups to develop new educational programs year round for complete tailored content!

Build Your Honeycomb


Stream, host, and showcase your content through video, text, pdfs, and slides. The most robust content deliverability to drive engagement

Sweeten The Pot


Year-round revenue has never looked so sweet. Create a sponsor directory to bolster leads for your partners and generate massive revenue

Bee Better

Complete DIY engagement platform setup allows you to enjoy a robust suite of features to embolden your audience and create a truly remarkable experience.

Content Mangement

Create, curate, and moderate your organization’s content as well as user generated content within your platform

Data Analytics

Power organization and platform decisions utilizing actionable behavioral data collected based on real-time audience engagement

Personalized Social Wall

Create targeted groups for your users to communiate directly with each other through posts, threads, and likes. Post text, gifs, and images to sweeten up the vibrant aesthetics

Resource Library

House valuable internal or external industry resources in an easily accessible location available to your entire audience

Custom Security & Behavioral Tags

Communicate targeted messaging or notifications with specific audience segments by adding custom labels to member records

Sponsor Directory

Offer annual sponsors robust profile capabilities including profile text, product images, and direct call-to-actions to schedule demos with the sponsors.

Feature's Suite

With over 50 plug and play widgets, you can choose the features you want, when you want, to create a powerful engagement tool

Mobile & Web Optimized

Available on iOS, Android, and web application, now you can connect with your audience on the device of their choice.

Event Integrations

Whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid, create a central event resource by linking your existing website or virtual platform or creating your own event app

Upfront Pricing


up to 100,000 users

Robust back-end with multi-lingual options. A complete solution giving you real time preview updates before publishing to your audience.

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