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Empower Your Audience, Grow Your Brand, Engage Year Round

Virtual Conferences

Create and host multiple virtual conferences throughout the year!
Utilize the easy embed feature to pull in all of your live streams or pre-recorded videos. From general sessions to multiple breakouts, your attendees can watch whichever session they please.

Community Platform

Create multiple groups and forums with many features!
Create unique and tailored experiences utilizing the built in security tagging feature. Your members can have their own experience while non-members can see teasers of why they should be members!

Live Event Apps

One app for all your attendees to download and enjoy
Hyvve can be used on desktop/web, mobile optimized, and Native/Hybrid IOS and Android app. While you create your Hybrid conferences, your attendees can enjoy both the virtual and LIVE event components of your app and platform.


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Customize Your User Login To Suit Your Business

Single Sign On

Leverage an existing authentication system for your users to log into the app creating continuity across all your software products.

Third Party Logins

We support user registration through Facebook, Twitter and Apple maing it so users can register for your app instantly.

Session Expiration

For apps contating sensitive information you can expire the logged in session when the app closes or after a certain idle time.
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Deliver targeted Push Notification at every step of the user journey

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Utilize Hyvve's Analytics or Send Your Data to Any Analytics Software

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User management, Security, Access settings

More Features Your Attendees will Love
Speaker List

Include a list of all yoru speakers as well as information about them

Event Schedule

Everything on the agenda is an easy to access location

Podcast/Audio Content

We always guarantee a good quality on our services/ projects to ensure clients' satisfaction.

Blog Content / RSS

Integrate your RSS feed to bring in all of yoru latest posts.

Video Content

Integrate with YouTube or Vimeo to automatically bring in all your videos

PDF Documents

Include any important documents easily in the app

Unique benefit

Create Intro Slides To Onboard Your Users for A Seamless Experience

Showcase Sponsors and Exhibitors
Allow sponsors to get the most out of your event by showcasing them in the app. Create ads in the app or create an entire section dedicated to your sponsors.
Highly Customizable Look and Feel
Not just another cookie-cutter template app. Completely match your brand identity with our extensive design and layout options for your mobile app.
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Enhance Attendee Engagement With a Mobile App

Lecture Notes

Provide a way for attendees to follow along and take notes and see the speaker notes

Feedback and Surveys

Generate useful insights to improve yoru event with feedback from your attendees

Push Notifications

Stay more connected with your attendees before, during and after your event.
Experience the Power of Community.
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