Create, Manage, Engage, Grow, & Monetize Your Community

Together, we can deliver the value your audience deserves

Challenges Solved

Empower Your Audience, Grow Your Brand, Engage Year Round

Staff Bandwidth

Relieve staffing costs and needs to help alleviate time, expenses, and risk
Average additional staffing needed for managing and selling a community is $50,000 - $120,000

Stale Growth

Stop slow & stale growth. Growth through community with increased memberships and engagement
Communities help to foster deeper engagement and loyalty. This loyalty helps to increase conversion to memberships and paid attendance to events

Diversifying Revenue

Single source revenue organizations are doomed to fail. Create multiple revenue streams
New Year Round pandemic ready revenue and engagement opportunities through your community can help to diversify your revenue stream


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Create, Manage, Engage, Grow, & Monetize Your Community


  • Complete design and implementation services
  • Set-up and create your community from your existing audience on our Hyvve platform
  • Co-design your community with your team
  • Strategize with your team for optimization


  • Complete staff to manage daily community activities
  • Manage moderation, rules, and daily community aspects
  • Manage user requests and issues
  • Manage daily updates and changes to community


  • Complete staff to curate & strategize engagement activities for your community
  • Work with your team to create engagement opportunities
  • Encourage engagement with current toolset
  • Co-create with your team a 365 engagement strategy
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Victory Partner Program Benefits

Time Savings

  • Save 2,080 hours of community management
  • Save 40 hours of initial set-up
  • Save 5-10 hours per week of continual updating and optimizing

Cost Savings

  • Save $50,000 – $100,000 in new staff costs
  • Save $10,000 – $80,000 in technology costs
  • $0 expense on budget line item

New Revenue

  • New year round sponsorship revenue
  • Estimated (dependent on industry) $50,000 – $1,00,000 in new revenue
  • New Memberships
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