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3 Ways to Follow Up With Booth Sales Prospects

To maintain booth sales momentum, you require to supply value on every interaction– also a quick follow-up phone call. That indicates you require to rethink your whole callback strategy. Here are 3 techniques that have actually benefited me:

1. Re-emphasize business value
Your booth leads need to see the effect you can have on their company. Reiterate it. Remind them of how you can assist.

You could claim: “Pat, in our previous discussion you discussed exactly how vital it was to gain new leads quickly to keep up your sales pipeline. Your target audience is at our trade show.”

2. Share ideas & understandings
Your leads desire to collaborate with someone that’s constantly thinking of how they can improve their company. Be that person.

You may say: “Deb, I’ve been thinking much more concerning how we can help you enhance sales (lower costs, speed up performance). I thought you might be curious about what we did with XYZ company when they were taking care of the very same obstacle. Do you have a few minutes for a fast discussion?”

3. Re-educate
In some cases your potential customers are still asking themselves, “Does it make sense to spend the money at your event, or not” From the outside, you will not recognize. But you can keep giving them extra reasons to say yes!

You could state: “Jill, I recognize it’s a huge decision to make. That’s why I believe you could be curious about this short article (ROI calculator, study, webinar, e-book) on (relevant subject). Let’s established a time to talk via your new sales leads from our event.”

See the difference? You’re still offering worth. Although they said they were interested. Even though they informed you to follow back the following week. Despite the fact that they informed you it was a “slam dunk” and also they just needed to obtain the documents needed to influence them.

Drop the “touching base” and also “signing in” mindset from your vocabulary entirely. When making follow up phone calls, become a priority in their choice process. That’s when they’ll really want to collaborate with you!

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