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What is the role of the marketing department for your organization? Is it to drive leads for sales? Is it to build brand awareness for your organization?

If this was two years ago I would say those two rolls were the main job functions of the marketing department, however, in this new marketing era it is no longer about metrics and delivering sales leads. Hold on, hold on. Let’s rephrase that last statement.

The new era of marketing will be done differently and will ultimately lead to better metrics and more leads for the sales team.


Why is there a shift in marketing?


Pre-Covid the market was saturated with drip campaigns email marketing and digital ads. Now the market has been even more saturated with all of these that it’s tough to break through the ever increasing noise. What that means is although our end-users our leads are looking and searching for educational content, they have the ability to access the content they need whenever and wherever they would like.

We have spoken about this before where you need to be the authority on quality content so that your outbound efforts to showcase your quality content can result in further inbound leads for your organization. The lack of focus on content and delivering that content by organizations is astounding. If you are one of the lucky few whose focus is delivering high quality content then you are fairing well in this COVID world.

This is not a new concept. It is merely a concept that has yet to be adopted by organizations correctly. Let’s take events for example. Why is your event the only location you are delivering educational content from your amazing speakers? I’m not talking about delivering webinars throughout the year either. That practice is already happening. Why not ask your speakers for written content? Podcast episodes? Videos?

People are consuming information in much different ways and you need to start delivering your high value content in those mediums. Who knows, maybe it becomes a new revenue stream for your organization.


What is the “new” role of marketing?


Ebooks, webinars, articles, how tos, videos, and any other easy to follow information that can be consumed and delivered to your audience. All of this can still lead to your ultimate high value content at your event. Think of all this education as teasers for your event’s educational content.


All of your content should be engaging in some sort of fashion. Whether it’s inputting your own humor to invoke some emotion or a call to action asking for opinions. When people realize they can speak openly without being judged for having different opinions, they share and share and share some more. Engagement is not only opens, clicks, likes, and shares. Engagement is that random passerby two months later saying a key phrase you started in one of your articles. When I published Sales’d It, it wasn’t about the book sales for me. It was about those who read it gaining the confidence and skills they needed to execute their vision. Best feeling ever was walking down the aisle at an event and hearing someone yell “Sales’d It!” to me.

Engagement can be emotions which right now can’t really be tracked or measured. So, yes your marketing department needs metrics but the sole focus should be on delivering educational content to create your organizational brand as the single point location for high value content.


Delivering means, delivering on your promise your promise to nurture and grow your audiences mind and knowledge. Your promise to deliver factual emotionally triggered content that drives your audience’s organizations growth. Deliver your promise to yourself and your audience.


Wrapping this up


No one wants to hear about you. Its all about them and what you can do for them. What knowledge can you impart? What resource can you provide?

When we realize it’s all about them, we can deliver content that is all about them. Deliver content that is all for them and not sell serving.

If we are selfless, our audience will consume and return the selflessness back to you at a later time.

Be selfless. Deliver high value content.