Organizational Growth with Mindset & Time for #Eventprofs

Continuing our theme of Organizational Growth, it’s important to truly understand how growth through mindset and time really kick it off.

Personal Mindset

We’ve have discussed mindset before. It’s the end all be all and I don’t state that lightly. Your mindset is the single key to accomplishing all that you dream. A growth mindset, not only for your personal growth, for your business is a sure way to ensure you are taking the right steps to scale the business.

We mentioned it is a team effort. That stands true but the first step before involving a team is to get yourself situated with the right mindset.


It’s hard to work in a team where all but one person is set and ready to really put in the work and brain power to help the organization grow. We have all been there back in our school days and I am not sure about you but I was always the one picking up other’s slack.

In business, you simply cannot have this and if you are the leader of a team or the leader of the organization, it is your duty to ensure everyone is on the right mindset. We will tackle this a bit more later when we discuss the team mindset.


There are times in your life where having a growth mindset will not be possible. I mentioned before, I will be brutal and I will be honest. This road is not an easy one. Right now, in the middle of a pandemic it is extremely tough for many to have a growth mindset but right now is the most important time to have one.

While timing is extremely important, it’s also pertinent you understand your mental well being and state of mind. If you aren’t ready, than you aren’t ready. That’s OK!

Why is now the most important time?

A great mentor taught me to put all you have into growth in times like these. When most are in panic mode trying to be conservative or safe, you can really shine and grow both personally and professionally.

Now more than ever, it’s extremely important for us all to have a growth mindset. The reason for this is we’re going through such tough times that thinking about growth can actually deliver us hope. And that hope can fuel us, can drive us to our next chapter to where we need to go.

Even if we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic, we should still have this mindset because we don’t know where everyone else is in their life and at any given time anyone could be going through a rough patch. So that’s why it’s important to spread hope and that’s what a growth mindset is all about, hope. It’s not only about growth for your organization but it’s about growth personally and when you can grow personally you’ll see the benefits and you will grow professionally.

People ask me all the time why am I so adamant about having the right mindset. My answer is my mindset is maybe not your mindset. So it’s not about having a right mindset but having a mindset of believing in yourself and knowing and understanding down to your core that you can grow. Going back to what I mentioned before that personal growth will lead to organizational growth and professional growth.


IAEE recently posted about being happy and how passion makes you want to work more and they’re absolutely right. There are so many other stories out there and so many other studies about those that are passionate about what they do and those that are happy in their life and how much they can absolutely accomplish.

If you were to tell me that I was going to open up my own business a year ago or two years ago I probably would’ve called you crazy because at that time I did not have the growth mindset. I’ve had the growth mindset almost all of my life but these last couple of years my mindset was on stability because of my new family member, I had my son.

With this change in my life, our life, it really made me focus on the stability of our home.

That’s where time and timing comes into play. You can have a growth mindset your whole life but you also need to be in the correct time in order to really facilitate the mindset. Let me explain that a little bit more.

You can grind and you can hustle and you can work hard and for the most part it will work out for you because you’re out working everybody else. That’s a growth mindset. However, where timing comes into play is where you are in your current situation in life. That’s why 1 to 2 years ago I couldn’t have started my business but now it was the most opportune time. OK OK yes I get it there never really is an opportune time but you will feel it in your gut and your gut will tell you go for it.

Now imagine that everybody in your organization, your #association, and your #event had a growth mindset. All they wanted was for the event to grow which would then also in turn help them personally grow. I always correlate this to facts and actions over written resume information and fluff.

What matters more on a resume? You were an event manager, or you were an event manager that grew your event by 500% over five years?

Growing your organization, you need to have a team with growth mindsets. I have a certification course that I even offer called certified event growth architect. The reason I offer this is because I want people to understand that having a growth mindset is not scary and it’s not hard to take the first step. What is hard is to continue having the mindset because we all get tired and we all get complacent and we all get, let’s be honest a little bit lazy. I have lazy weekends every now and then and I love them because I need them, because they refresh me

So let me end this section with this. One person who is motivated and has a growth mindset can lead the charge but it takes a team to enact change, to scale, and grow the organization. Will you be the motivator? Will you be the one who takes the first step?