There's a Smarter Way to Grow Your Event

Declining exhibitor counts? Declining revenue? Not enough Attendees? Event growth stalled?

Grow your event with analytics, new targets, segmentation, and automation.

Sounds Expensive

Victory is a premier sales, marketing, and analytics agency that helps events like yours break free and grow.

We are a fraction of the cost of a full time staff member, deliver extreme productivity, and are fiercely motivated to create immense success for your event. 

We work extremely well with your current team to help supplement their efforts and grow your event.

Victory has doubled our sales and output in 3 months of working with them. Their creativity, tenacity, and ability to drive specific messaging to the correct personas has been a miracle for us.” 

Laura Welsh

CEO, Conference Solutions


Create, design, launch, and optimize engaging personalized emails for each segment with real time analytics through personalized dashboard. 


Create and optimize personalized sequences based on specific segments of your events verticals. Personalized segmentation can deliver more unique messaging opportunities to cut through the noise and make your brand #1 and increase event registrations.

Asset Creation

Every marketing campaign needs creative assets. We create these assets based on your brand to help deliver optimized campaigns driving real results in the form of increased event registrations. 

New Targets

Finding look-a-like audiences can be difficult. We deliver new targets within your current categories and help find new categories to deliver to your event. New targets, drives new registrations. 

Paid Ads

Create, design, and optimize your ads on Google and Facebook. We deliver highly optimized ads through experimentation to deliver real results and drive new registrations for your event. 


Create segment specific landing pages to drive and nurture potential registrants through an engagement funnel. All leading to increased registrations. These highly personalized segmented pages deliver specific messaging to drive results. 


Brand Authority

Once the campaign has begun, we will work with our contacts and team to have you featured in one of the 300+ media outlets and targeted niche blogs all to grow your brand’s authority. Some of our customers have even been mentioned in Forbes.


Re-capture and nurture potential registrants who visit your website but do not convert. Not everyone is in buying mode but with retargeting, you can capture them when they are in the right mode to deliver higher conversions and reigstrations. 


Influencer Marketing

The all new and best way to market your event by empowering your exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, and attendees to share and market your event. This social and peer proofs your event adding massive awareness, authority, and drives new registrations. 

Common Pains

Reliance on New Exhibitors

Many events rely on the abundance of new exhibitors in order to sustain revenue or slightly grow. This is unsustainable. Victory grows the foundation along with new segments.

Core Categories Declining

Many organizers are unaware their major core categories are declining. This behaviorial shift is key to understanding the future growth of your event. With PowerFuze, this behavior is shown front and center to take quick action and re-grow the core of your event.

Quantity Over Quality

Post-COVID a major shift in behavior will occurr. Quality over Quantity. It is paramount organizers adjust their messaging to instill this truth upon their exhibitors. With that, exhibitors will need quality leads to gain the value from your event. 

Little or No Growth

Some growth is better than none. Most organizers would prefer faster growth but a slow more sustainable growth of the core will help ensure your event is reslient in future shutdowns. We employ our 4 point process to fuel core growth while opening the circle for new segments.

Wrong Segments

By far the most unknown pain by customers is their reach outs to the wrong segments. Without proper event analysis, many organizers perceive one thing when in reality the data tells a different story. With PowerFuze, Victory can properly analyze your event to fuel the right growth with the right segments.

Work With My Team

At Victory, we can be your entire team or we can supplement your already awesome team. We are here to help make you all shine and grow your event in any capacity.

Why Grow With Victory

26% Event Growth

Bill and his team are avid growth sales and marketers. Together the team has a combined 38 years of event sales and marketing experience.

Together, they continuously learn and stay on top of the newest trends in order to help events like yours stop declining and start growing.


  • 1,100% sponsorship revenue growth
  • 20% exhibit space growth
  • 26% total event revenue growth
  • 7% International space growth
  • 68% Re-select increase
  • 3x revenue of Event Tech B2B SaaS Organization
  • Published Author – Sales’d It! Outside the Circle
  • Past Chair of IAEE DC Chapter
  • Past Chair of IAEE YP Committee
  • 2018 IAEE YP of the Year


Bill McGlade

Our Blog

Victory Talks is dedicate to providing the best information on sales and makreting to event professionals. 

Sales Messaging vs. Marketing Messaging

It’s not easy to identify the difference between sales vs. marketing messaging. They share similar end goals - moving prospects through the sales funnel. And they share a similar delivery - digital communication. The general similarities blur the lines between the two...

Why do you need outsourced help to grow your next event?

The event industry has been flourishing by leaps and bounds over the past few decades, and it is for sure that nothing can stop this trend now. According to recent figures, the UK Event industry is accounted for more than 35% of the visitor’s economy. But amid Covid-19, this dilemma has taken over the community by storm to go online.  In terms of event marketing, virtually social media is the new tool. Outsourcing a Virtual event is of prime importance these days as this can eventually increase your event popularity and overall success rates.


What is the new role of marketing? With the ever changing world we live in, the digital market is saturated with emails and ads selling everywhere. We need to rise up and change the status quo to deliver education which will ultimately make us the highest authority of quality content delivering massive leads for the sales engine.

Are You Ready To Grow?

We are here and ready to grow your event. 


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