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Enough is enough! Pretty much sums up the feelings of all event professionals nowadays. We have all been beaten and battered during this COVID-19 pandemic. Many have been furloughed or lost their life-long jobs in the industry.

Some industry vets have taken to social media to stand up for us all. How? Wearing masks is the simplest way to help us all get back on our feet.

Take Susan Haning, great friend, and industry veteran. She is loved by all and known by all. Her latest post on Facebook has spurred me to ensure we are all passing along our message and spreading our hope.

Let’s not be stupid. Let’s do the right thing and practice safe guidelines to ensure the world, America, and our great event industry get back on track.

Will you take part in passing along the message? Will you help our event industry by practicing safe guidelines?

Whether you are against wearing masks or think COVID is fake at this point it’s irrelevant. The world is at a standstill for all those in the hospitality and live events sector. An industry that produces billions if not trillions to the world GDP. It’s time we all think of others instead of ourselves.

We are a strong industry and we are a feisty one. One way or another we will bounce back. Our resiliency has been tested time and time again and we have prevailed.

What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. Thanks Kelly Clarkson for the tune in my head.

What else can we as individuals do to help others understand the immense impact this pandemic has had on our industry? From the great John F. Kennedy, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” #hospitalitystrong