Hyvve partners with Clocktower Advisors to deliver revolutionary member and event communities

Hyvve Partnership.jpeg

Global digital community and marketing consultancy Clocktower Advisors is partnering with Victory Productions, maker of the Hyvve platform, a single source digital ecosystem for all of a customer’s virtual conference, community, and event app needs.

Hyvve provides a complete DIY engagement platform that includes features that support remarkable engagement experiences on both desktop and mobile devices.

“Platforms like Hyvve collapse the distance between virtual event and community platforms. The software categories do not need to be mutually exclusive. Why should the conversations and energy begun at a conference end once the event is over? Hyvve sustains community engagement by serving as a single digital ecosystem for experiential events supporting long term member engagement for many types of communities,” said Todd Nilson, president of Clocktower Advisors.

“Clocktower Advisors is proud to work with groundbreaking technology solutions that can revolutionize our approach to online and hybrid online-live events and community building. As we work with customers who are making events a central part of their community experience, we will make our customers aware of the opportunities that technologies like Hyvve represent,” Nilson said.

“Communities have been around since the dawn of ages and have evolved within this digital era. Between forums, chats, and f2f, your community is the key to ridding the 3-5 mindset for event professionals and continuing the true engagement stemming from events,” said Bill McGlade, CEO of Victory Productions.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Clocktower Advisors to help associations and events create thriving communities both online and in person,” Bill said.

About Clocktower Advisors

Since 2015, Clocktower Advisors has helped clients across the globe to create and sustain thriving online community and digital workplace experiences.

As the uncertainties brought about by the global pandemic, economic and technological disruption force more organizations to increase their investments in remote work, meaningful collaboration, innovation, and online employee loyalty, Clocktower Advisors’ experience, thought leadership, and knowledge of leading practices in creating trust and building safe digital spaces has become more relevant than ever.

Clocktower Advisors has helped dozens of organizations worldwide from startups through Fortune 100 companies to plan, launch, and run online communities and digital workplaces.

About Victory Productions and Hyvve

Victory Productions helps organizations by being the single source location for all of their association’s membership and event needs through high-end affordable and accessible technology and amazing partnerships.

Their Hyvve platform creates a single source digital ecosystem for all of an organization’s virtual conference, community, and event app needs.

Designed to create buzz year-round and unite your colony, Hyvve is revolutionizing the digital ecosystem. Streamline communications, feed collaboration, distribute content, and deliver commerce in a single habitat available in mobile and desktop formats. Conserve energy by migrating current branding and systems into an easily configurable, user-friendly back end platform. With Hyvve, pollinating your industry 365 days a year has never been so sweet!