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Sales'd it! Outside the Circle

After over 15 years of sales dedication and reading hundreds of books to continually improve, there are 2 things I look for in a book, and Sales’d It has hit a home-run in both regards.

#1 – I want the lessons/methods to be easy to digest, implement and remember.
Sales’d It epitomizes concise and clear lessons by presenting the material as 32 unique “nuggets”, each with an explanation and execution. Each nugget represents a unique aspect or challenge of the sales cycle, giving the reader enough to understand the concept, without delving too far down any specific topic or beating a dead-horse, which unfortunately too many sales books do.

#2 – I should be able to have at least 1 take-away that I can immediately implement into my processes that will have a definitive impact.
Sales’d it accomplishes this and then accomplishes it another 31 times throughout the book! While not every nugget is applicable to my specific challenges and goals, each one provides an immediate take-away that is easy to implement into daily sales life.

Sales'd It! Outside the Circle

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4 Reasons Why Trade Shows Are Important

4 Reasons Why Trade Shows Are Important Recently, I came across a reply on post on a LinkedIn that spurred my thoughts around the topic of why trade shows are so important. For years now I have been preaching to the industry the four pillars of what trade shows are...