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Whether you are putting on a live, hybrid, or virtual event this headline is scary. The fear and stress which go along with down numbers is pretty disgusting…I mean sweaty nasty. So why is it event marketing professionals keep on sweating when there are so many amazing tools out there to help them…well not sweat?

Let’s give a brief history of the calm before the storm.

See, during the good times everyone is rolling with high spirits because nothing can stop them. Numbers are soaring. Executive Directors and managers are smiling ear to ear as they watch the numbers you and your team are raking in.

Well, what happens when oh I don’t know, something like COVID-19 strikes?

Fear stricken. Paralysis caused by stress. Mental health battered down. These are all the unfortunate side effects of a pandemic…not only the actual effects from the actual virus. With this, budgets tighten, and the unfortunate furloughs and lay-offs begin. Us being in the face-to-face industry, this is what is the toughest part.

We watch friends and family taken from starting positions to be placed on the bench and eventually cut from the team. Oof, that hurts.

What can we as event marketing professionals do during these times in which we are expected to triple our workload, deliver higher numbers, all on a smaller tighter budget?

Simple…open up that budget for something small but impactful.

Lots of tools out there to help and lots of ideas to help bolster registration numbers while they are down. Here are a few:

  1. Empower your event audience – If you are expected to pull triple the load, then you need to exponentially grow your team…without spending too much. I am here to tell you there is a fantastic way for you to accomplish this. Utilizing tools like snöball which empower and harness your event participants influence, you can take your team of 1 to a team of thousands. I have watched events like GMID, Untethered, and more grow their virtual events by 5X at least. Those are some amazing numbers.
  2. Incentivize – This is a tough one to swallow but in the end, it helps out all parties involved. We have entered an era of massive layoffs. Many people are looking for new jobs at the moment and most likely many people within your event’s vertical. It may sound tone def, but really, it’s not and here is why. If you can help even one person within your event’s vertical to gain some experience and possibly additional pocket change, then you have done a good deed. Incentivize those in your vertical to help refer and market your event. Every exhibitor they introduce you to they gain X% and every attendee they help to register they gain X%. This is affiliate marketing and it has been a huge part of marketing outside of the event industry. Now, it will be a huge focus point inside the event industry.
  3. Personalize the Personalization – Hyper personalization is the future of all marketing. While there is technology out there to help with this from your website point of view, there is little out there for emails. What this means is you need to really delve deep into your analytics and parcel out your potential lists into micro personas. Some say there might be too much segmentation and personalization but I would have to disagree. Parse down the list and remember, speak as if they are speaking and what they want to hear. Not what you think they want to hear.

Moral of the Story

You don’t have to go it alone. You can mobilize and harness the power you already possess in order to hit your goals and work the triple shift. Although, we at Victory do not want you to do this, it is possible.

Take a step back and breathe. It’s important to truly understand what you can do and what is needed. Especially in times like these, you need to breathe and look outside your typical circles for a bit of help.

We at Victory are here to help in any way, if you need it.