Sales'd It! Outside the Circle

By Bill McGlade, CEM

Sales’d It!

Outside the Circle

Take a ride along the journey of the fundamentals of sales and marketing for the event industry. Increase your skill set, grow your mindset, and invigorate your events with the bestsales and marketing advice and tactics in the industry. 

Walk away with wins and saying, Sales’d It!

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Bill McGlade, CEM

15 year sales veteran with 12 of those within the amazing event industry. Bill preaches about creating the best mindset in order to achieve optimal growth both personally and professionaly. Happy individuals are more likely to be extremely productive and therefore mindset and wellness are important factors for any sales and marketing professional. 

Bill McGlade

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After over 15 years of sales dedication and reading hundreds of books to continually improve, there are 2 things I look for in a book, and Sales’d It has hit a home-run in both regards.

#1 – I want the lessons/methods to be easy to digest, implement and remember.
Sales’d It epitomizes concise and clear lessons by presenting the material as 32 unique “nuggets”, each with an explanation and execution. Each nugget represents a unique aspect or challenge of the sales cycle, giving the reader enough to understand the concept, without delving too far down any specific topic or beating a dead-horse, which unfortunately too many sales books do.

#2 – I should be able to have at least 1 take-away that I can immediately implement into my processes that will have a definitive impact.
Sales’d it accomplishes this and then accomplishes it another 31 times throughout the book! While not every nugget is applicable to my specific challenges and goals, each one provides an immediate take-away that is easy to implement into daily sales life.


As a realtor, I found Sales’d It! to be quite insightful. It helped me think differently and get into a mindset where I could take a step back and truly analyze my work. The methodologies and processes are definitely relevant for all sales professionals. Inspired to delve into my data and target more precisely the customers I need to acquire as well as the homes my current customers need. Engaging book that made me think! Add this book to your list, quick read with a ton of actionable takeaways.


I am not in sales but support the function at my company and I found it very helpful. Most sales books try to overdo and bury the lessons with pages and pages of details. This book provides those quick takeaways in a very digestible and conversational manner. The format of Sales’d It allowed for enjoyable and fast reading, because what salesperson has a ton of time? I would recommend this book for anyone in sales (regardless of seniority) and those in sales enablement.