Create, Manage, Engage, Grow, & Monetize Your Association/Events

Together, we can deliver the value your audience deserves

Challenges Solved

Empower Your Audience, Grow Your Brand, Engage Year Round

Exhibit/Sponsorship Sales

  • Drive growth for your event through data and behavioral analytics
  • Find new categories to create expansion
  • Re-think sponsorship offerings and deliver value year-round
  • Drive new leads/conversions through the Sales’d it! Approach

Monetization Consulting

  • Complete re-work of monetization efforts, strategies, and offerings
  • Drive 5x or more of new monetization offers
  • Listen to suppliers/buyers of your industry
  • Deliver the growth mindset to your team
  • Continued monthly coaching for execution and fulfillment of strategies

PowerFuze Analytics

  • Deep dive into your event’s behavioral analytics
  • Find sustainable verticals
  • Develop new verticals and expansion categories
  • Determine loyal attendees and exhibitors for future growth opportunities