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Remember a time when all you had add to do was send out a flyer and boom Registrations would come tumbling in? No? Oh boy do I remember those days.

It’s funny actually. We in the B2B works often forget the B2C world drives innovation a bit quicker. Whether that’s due to the lesser complexity of the sale or lesser decision makers, one will never know.

But, regardless we can safely look at that works with envy or we can begin to emulate it. Why?

Eventually it feeds into our works so why not be ahead of the times. Am I right?

But seriously, we do need to look outside our bubble to find innovation and the next best thing, well at least in our world.

If we take this approach, here is what we find. We are being driven to make decisions, buying decisions, based on feedback and proof. Wait, Bill, you’re not honestly telling me to have reviews on my site?

Completely? Not yet, but eventually yes. We essentially have reviews by way of testimonials. What this tells me, at least, is we need to truly adjust our thinking and bust outside our circle. We were in a rut pre-COVID, the event industry that is.

At the very least, this pandemic has forced us to innovate. Whether it’s the innovation we wanted or deserved is another story. Innovation is key.

So, what do we need, as event marketers to innovate? Simply, our mindsets.

Oh no, he went there.


We interact so differently in the real world we fail to see and realize our target audience interacts and makes buying decisions very similarly. So why is it we do not adjust our marketing?

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Age ol’ motto that will never go away, much to our dismay.

Yea yea I am getting to the 2 musts.

When we purchase anything in the wild, outside of our bubble, we look at reviews and what our peers are saying. This peer proofs and social proofs all in one swoop.

1. Peer Proof Your Event: you need to empower and mobilize every event participant to share your event. Essentially they are marketing, generating leads, and becoming micro influencers for you. Essentially you have bajillioned the size of your marketing or acquisition team. Umm who doesn’t want that? Especially if it’s at a fraction of the cost of a whole team. That’s tough to say in the world we currently live in. Covid sucks. But, it doesn’t mean it isn’t the truth. Your event needs to be peer proofed because the world has saturated our E-Mail inboxes and it’s tougher to stand out. Email marketing isn’t dead but it is a lot harder nowadays.

2. Social Proof Your Event: this is very similar to peer proof. The two can be hand in hand and if so that’s great. If they see a peer post on social media they are attending or speaking or exhibiting at your event, they are 3x more likely to register than from an email you sent. It doesn’t matter how much value you spill to them. If they don’t open your email, they won’t see it. So, that leaves you to social proof it by having peers post and share.

Easy peasy, right? Right! The technology is here! Seriously, it’s here and ready for the event industry. Get ready for the new era of marketing your event. Who knows, maybe us marketers can finally sit back and enjoy some less stress with registrations flowing in from all the new marketing professionals we are creating for our event.

One could dream.

Ps: what if I told you Victory’s marketing service utilizes a tech platform to help with these very amazing musts you just read?