If you haven’t heard of The Exhibitions Guy, you might be a bit in the dark. Stephan Murtagh, from the great country of Ireland, is a well known exhibition guru over on the other side of the pond.

He now has taken his skills and brought them over to the states. Good news for us as we look to reopen in this new era of booth space.

As we all look to help exhibitors gain the valuable skill sets needed to correctly exhibit and gain massive value from events, Stephan has put together a 7 Step Exhibition Success Masterclass. Definitely something you should encourage all of your exhibitors to purchase and download.


Simply put, it helps you out. The more knowledge your exhibitors have on best practices to deliver value while exhibiting at events, the more recurring revenue you will have making it that much easier to expand and grow your already awesome event.

I mean, you could always have Victory join your sales and marketing team as well to help you expand…too shameless of a plug?

Getting back to Stephan. Not only does he offer an amazing course, he is also putting on a series of webinars to help organizers and exhibitors alike. Take a look at his schedule below

7 Steps to Exhibition Success Online Course

How to Sell Virtual Exhibitions

How to Exhibit at an Online Exhibition

The 7 Steps to Exhibition Success