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To expand your event, you need leads

You have heard the old saying that “the more you expand, the more you earn.” This is true for events as well. In order to stay on top of your game and compete with other associations in your field, it’s important to generate leads. It can be hard work identifying new verticals and categories to explore for lead generation purposes – but it will pay off!

To expand your event, you need leads. Lead generation for exhibitions and events is much needed now. We need to find ways to analyze the data of our trade shows and events and take those categories and verticals and expand upon them. We must find ways to generate new areas of interest through new categories or verticals so we can broaden the reach of our events.

There are a few ways to generate leads for your show or event. The first is analyzing the data of trade shows and events that you already host, and taking those categories and verticals that have been successful in the past. In this way, we can expand upon what has worked before while expanding into new areas as well – even if they are not directly correlated with your direct categories. Meaning, you can take sub categories and find ones that can be expanded upon.

No longer can we market to the same list over and over again. This is why lead generation for associations needs to be at the forefront of what you are doing. The second way would be using a third-party company that specializes in this, such as us here at Victory or event utilizing the some of the technology we use. For example, we use ColdReach. A program that is very inexpensive but helps us to find new leads within certain regions and industries so we can truly narrow down our out reach programs.

Key Takeaways:

– Lead generation is necessary to stay ahead of the competition.

– There are many ways to generate leads for your event – think outside the box and consider new categories or verticals that may work well with your association’s values.

– If you can’t identify any, ask attendees what they’re interested in learning about at events in your industry! They might just have a valuable lead idea. if the attendee is unable to identify any, ask them what they’re interested in learning at events.

What are some reasons that people might not want to sign up for your event?

– The date of their event clashes with another obligation like a family reunion or business meeting.

– They don’t feel qualified enough on the subject matter and think it’s too difficult for them.

– It’s expensive, either monetarily or because they have trouble finding time off work while still maintaining productivity levels.

– There are other local events going on during that same period which take priority over theirs (especially if there is a big conference happening nearby).

Barriers of entry to events have been lowered due to virtual options. But, as you look to expand your event, you do need to offer some entry points.

What can you do to lower these barriers and get them on your list?

– Offer a convenient, affordable way for people who are unable or unwilling to attend live.

– Emphasize that the event is open to all levels of ability because sometimes they think it’s too difficult but don’t want anyone else there either.

– Provide payment plans so people can still afford this opportunity even if they have trouble with their budget (especially those in more expensive areas).

– Include other events happening during the same period as yours which will give attendees an extra incentive not to miss out on something valuable.



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