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Once you have determined your main segments and have broken them up into micro segments it’s time to pay close attention to the value purpose and intent of the content you will be driving toward each segment.

Before we break each of these down let’s understand why and the reasoning behind having value and purpose and intent for everything you do.

In our every day lives it is as important to drive purpose and intent which ultimately will add value to our lives, at least that is our hope. In our professional careers whenever we look at sales and marketing it’s extremely important to ensure we are delivering value.

If you are not delivering value then there is no purpose behind the messaging and content you are directing to your segments. Therefore your metrics and results will be poor and you as well as leadership will be disappointed in the return.

For this reason it’s extremely important to understand what value each of your segments and micro segments wants to see and read and hear. Think about your content in terms of their views and not in terms of what you believe you will be delivering to them.

By doing this you are delivering value and with value you’ll have purpose and intent as your underlying goals to ultimately increase their knowledge about your organization as well as figure out ways you can work together.



Often times the purpose of content or the goals of delivering the content is what sways the type of messaging that will be inside the content and what content will be delivered. This is where many marketing professionals fail and many organizations do not see the returns they wish to see.

Why? Simply because your goals are not aligned with your target segments or your micro segments goals. Once we align our purpose with delivering educational content instead of trying to convert them, is when we will see more conversions because the purpose is to deliver value and education in the content.



Intent and purpose must align. Often times we see these as two different meanings within our marketing strategies. What I mean by this is that our purpose used to be to drive conversions but the intent was to deliver educational content. What that means is that you had good intentions but the ultimate purpose behind your marketing strategy was not aligned with your intent.

Once we align intent and purpose we can drive extreme value to our segments and micro segments. The intent behind it all, the subconscious understanding of your marketing strategy, must be to deliver the highest quality value and content in order to be the authority within your specific event vertical.

Break this down a step further and be the authority and have the intent to be the authority within your target segments and micro segments.



Being the authority on producing high-quality value for your specific vertical should be the number one goal of any organization. Once this is your goal you will start to see conversions happen more rapidly.

The reason we see this as the most important aspect of all content and of all goals and strategies is because it builds a relationship built off of trust. Much like the face-to-face events industry where meeting individuals at live events builds the trust and relationship, high value content is very much similar.

In the event industry we are so strapped for time that we forget we truly need to segment and personalize the outreach and content because we have such high goals and demand to drastically increase our acquisition efforts in numbers.

I firmly believe that we all need to focus on sustainable growth so that in times of crisis we will not see such drastic decreases in our total registration, total exhibitors, total exhibiting space, and sponsorship revenue. Sustainable growth helps to build a strong core and strong foundation. This is where it is crucial to be the authority on high-value content.


Wrapping it Up

The focus of any organization should be to deliver value with an aligned purpose and intent of educating our target segments and micro segments.

There is so much focus on collecting outbound metrics that deliver poor return, we seemingly forget our audience is craving content and not ads and generic emails. Moving forward, if this pandemic has taught us anything, it is those who have been seen as and are content influencers and authorities, will prosper. Organizations have the opportunity to prosper by being the authority on valuable content.

Everything we do in life has components of marketing and sales tied to it, but it is how we deliver that messaging and the true intent and purpose behind the content that will ultimately lead to either high conversions or poor returns.

Mindset is the key behind it all.

As always, if you or your organization need any help, we at Victory are here for you.