Victory Engagement Platform



Give Your Audience a Voice

All in one, fully customizable Community Engagement App

Build Your Community the Way You Want

No non profit, organization, or association is the same. Why should all their communities be? With V.E.P you can fully customize your community to drive deep engagement. Packed with powerful features designed to inspire your community with knowledge and content.

Collect Actionable Data

Engaged users are the best users. With V.E.P you can power your decisions based off of actionable data collected through the platform’s engagement and interactions with notifications. This data will help drive further changes needed or wanted to your platform. 

Improve Audience Engagement

Imagine your members and event audience could engage in your community via web and mobile app. Imagine they could create and share their own content to encourage conversation and engagement. V.E.P allows you to create a vibrant community platform to deliver this to your reality. 

Feature Packed, Fully Customizable

Complete DIY community setup allows you to enjoy a robust marketplace of features to embloden your community and create a truly remarkable experience.

Content Management

Create, manage, and moderate your delivered content as well as user generated content within your community. 

Data Analytics

Collect actionable insights within the platform and notifications to create data backed decisions in engaging your community members.

Community Management

Manage design, features, and content all within a complete self-serve platform. No more delays from tech, a complete solution to manage and get things done when you want.

Resource Management

Gather important resources within your app and deliver them to your community. Choose between the resource manager or web view. 

Tags Management

Extremely powerful feature which allows you to tag your community members and deliver features and notifications to certain tags. Create secure sections of your community or create games!


V.E.P is designed to allow you to create as little or as many sponsorships areas as you desire. Engage your sponsors with truly 365 sponsorships that will be delivered to personalized segments based on their needs. 

Feature Marketplace

Choose the features you want, when you want them. Each features is packed with powerful engagement tools to make your community a true engagement platform.

IOS, Android, PWA

Connect with your community on their device. These days everyone interacts with their social communites on their phones. V.E.P is app based for IOS and Andriod and can be delivered via progressive web app. 

Event Management

Whether virtual or live, list all your events within the platform. List out time-released sessions and documents to your event attendees and engage them through messaging. 

Robust back-end with multi-lingual options. A complete DIY solution giving you real time preview updates before publishing to your community.