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Bill McGlade   00:28

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to victory talks as always, I’m super excited for our special guests. Today, Chunk is going to delight us on some leadership secrets that he’s imparted to everybody for many, times through his speaking tour, and talking about too much. We’ll let him talk himself up in just a moment but before we get into the episode, as a reminder, April 23rd, sales it for you for your eyes only. Make sure you go ahead and register. It’s a free event, great information on sales, marketing, LinkedIn hacks, as well as diversity and inclusion. So definitely register. We’ll put the link out there for you. All right, so back to today’s episodes, leadership insights with Chunk, why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself, tell the audience you know who you are and you know what we’d like to talk about today.


Chunk   01:20

Glad to Bill, thanks for inviting me I mean, this is a great opportunity. I always enjoyed a flap my jaws and talk a little bit.


Bill McGlade   01:28

And we did quite a bit of talking last time to,


Chunk   01:33

Yeah, my backgrounds a little reversal of strange I’m up in yours. I’m not a young guy anymore. But yeah, I started working. I was 13 years old believe not seven shoes. So you can call me Monday if you want. But yeah, I wanted to get to work and get a car and dad says won’t go to work. I’m not a new one. So I don’t say that anymore. That was my first introduction. Get out there and work.


Bill McGlade   01:57

My first job was a grocer. I was scanning the items at the shop right over here in Jersey. I was 15.


Chunk   02:06

I tell you the worst job I had. I came back from college one summer, and I was waiting to get my construction jobs. So I had this on for a couple of weeks. Got a job at a poultry plant plucking chickens? The nastiest thing I’ve ever done in my life ever smelling scalding chickens.


Bill McGlade   02:22

So we’re going to have to have a separate conversation about that one. That’s got to be a crazy job. Like the craziest one I’ve ever had was being a bowling mechanic and having the oil the lanes all the time and actually I did that at college at GW because there at that time, it was one of the only two places in DC that actually had a bowling alley before pinstripes opened up. It was the White House and GW.


Chunk   02:48

There was an interesting job. My dad told me in high school, that’s what he did in high school. He said peons before they had automatic pens.


Bill McGlade   02:56

Automatic pens, machines break all the time. It was crazy. So anyway, it’s back to you track.


Chunk   03:02

Back to me I had a fortunate opportunity in college, I got a job with IBM to unpack and stall and teach people how to use equipment. So my first career really with IBM and sales and then went into sales management and my dad was a Navy. Gosh, I grew up a Navy brat. So I moved around an awful lot and unfortunately with IBM, you’d been in New York, New Jersey; I was down here in Florida. All the big execs up there in New York, New Jersey wanted to retire and if it did, they moved down here, right and they took young guys like us and kept shirtless for the North, where I grew up with sand and machine going California grew up in Hawaii and Florida. So when they gave me an opportunity to go to a beautiful city of Buffalo, New York and February, so I think it’s time to make a decision. So I came back to Florida, and went into business with a former partner and took over a little weightwatchers franchise based here in Orlando and with a lot of luck and a lot of hard work. We grew it into over 300 locations in the state of Florida and Alabama and the British West Indies, and were fortunate to be recognized as some of the top franchisees for hJ Heinz at the time Weight Watchers and in a workaholic, I learned a lot of things that make a lot of mistakes, and honestly put him in the hospital and about 41 42 years old. So a doctor says it’s time to get away in a sold out and I run away on a boat with my best girlfriend for almost two years. Beautiful brunette, big brown eyes, two floppy ears and four paws and the tail wag that everything is crumbs out that I was on the board of directors of different organizations and some guys said, what are you going to do now and I said I don’t know. But I don’t want to get on an airplane for a while and I started getting asked by different corporations and owners and leaders, can you kind of talk to my executive staff about what you’ve learned and what you’ve gone through and from that I grew into doing some corporate speaking and training and various industries and really loved it. But I wanted to get home, and what I currently do, the executive director of a couple of charities, some guys asked me to help out for about four months to hire somebody and I’ve been doing it now for almost 26 years. So I went on to a nonprofit world. That’s a little bit


Bill McGlade   05:40

A little bit more stressed to,


Chunk   05:43

You know, what I always thought it was. But no, you can. It’s a big multibillion dollar industry, if you want to say it in the nonprofit sector. And, but you learn an awful lot, because you have to carry you have to have a passion, you have to make the mission, just like owning your own business. I mean, you have to have an entrepreneurial spirit, and it has to be your passion.


Bill McGlade   06:07

100% agree with you on that. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about your upcoming event?


Chunk   06:12

Oh, my gosh, we’re done. Conference we have done for seven years, Walt Disney World. Now for epilepsy consumers these are people impacted by epilepsy, not the medical community. ButI Mama, or somebody who has epilepsy or a caregiver and this year because of COVID, we started talking about it even last August. So we got a big virtual event coming up on March 24 25th 26th. We have about 1000 registrants already for the thing. We’re going to have medical professional, but we’re also going to have consumers doing presentations, everything to understand about the medical condition epilepsy, and have a lot of fun with it at the same time.


Bill McGlade   06:54

Great, and so anyone out there listening that you know wants to go ahead and join the event, if you have epilepsy or know anyone that has epilepsy and just want to learn a little bit more, we’ll go ahead and put a link there to register for the event. So you can take a look at it. Alright, so track one, I have to say, I know that you speak a lot out in the tour and based on your background, it it’s a true honor and privilege that you accepted to be even a guest of, of our little podcast here. So I just want to say thank you and I appreciate that and with that, why don’t we go into some of the leadership aspects that you kind of talk about when you’re speaking at some of these, the different tours that you go on?


Chunk   07:37

Thank you, Bill. I’m like I said its honor to be invited and have an opportunity to share a little bit of knowledge if i have i just a little bit No, no, you don’t knowledge is like a safe. I’ve learned a lot of things, but it’s locked up, I got to figure out how to get it back out. You know, when I was asked to go out and start speaking, that’s pretty much what started about a job shop, what do you want me to do? What do you want me to talk about? And I remember doing a leadership conference for many, years for statewide realtor organization, and Cessna aircraft with one of my bigger clients and they asked me what is a simple plan to lead what he called leadership I was talking about, Phil Marshall, Montgomery, in the British bill Marshall would have probably the best definition of leadership said leadership is the capacity in a will to rally people to a common purpose. But the character that inspires confidence in you to do it back and says okay, yeah, what’s character? How do you have character? And those are some of the things everybody says, Oh, my God got to be charismatic. How do you create charisma?


Bill McGlade   08:52

You’ve dissected you’re the own lesson right there, and you just kept taking it backwards to figure out the components of it.


Chunk   09:00

You know, I did bill and in one thing, I did want to have that nice break in my life, like the seven don’t run away for a few years, get my head straight.  I called up top executives around the country that I admired and said can you give me a few minutes to talk to you? About what much just about you have admired you? And I was really shocked that they did. They took the time because people like to talk about themselves. I think you found that out beauty podcast. Yes, they do. But go to the leaders that you admire.


Bill McGlade   09:32

Now, let me ask you this question based on that because you hear that often, you want to learn, learn from the best or learn from those that you see that you want to emulate or be like one always being yourself, but you can always take lessons from others and the number one thing they always say is reach out to them. See if they’ll talk to you. How easy was that? Or how hard was that for you to do because that first step is incredibly difficult for a lot of people.


Chunk   10:01

As a young person, believe it or not, I was a shy person and even I can’t believe the people in the life used to say, Oh my gosh want to see you on stage, you’re a different person and I said, Yeah you just have to make this mental decision to flip a switch and it was the same with them. I remember a guy named Alan, who was the president of Delta Airlines at the time and Delta was way up there with one of the top airlines and I admired that he didn’t turn except me around and called him up. But I flipped the switch to get the guts to pick up the phone and get a secretary on the line and basically, I said, oh, no, I could talk to him because having a life change situation and I want to learn from him. I’ve admired him and she said, let me give you back with the unbeliever 97 appointment, I went to lamb physically have lunch with the man. Oh, that’s great. We shot and then I found out that the people have the time to open the door to pick up the phone, or yes, maybe we can get together and they did share; they’d like to share their successes. I mean, that was one thing too. I mean, in being a leader, I want to have the organization with hundreds of employees, you have to learn to put your ego aside, you have to put your pride aside and you shared in your victories with those that helped you make the victory and learn from these people. A leader doesn’t take all the credit for everything he’s done as teams with you, know, share in that victory.


Bill McGlade   11:32

It’s never about that leader; it’s always about the team and that’s been number one in my playbook since the first time I even took over a team and I always I never used the word manage, or management. I hate that term. Those that have ever worked with me, not for me with me, have always understood that. So I’m so happy that coming from you, as well because this is also me opening you know that door and saying, hey, Chunk, what can you teach me? What can you teach everyone else out there?


Chunk   12:02

I’ve had people who introduced me to employees in the introduction of and this is my boss nova stops, and No, I’m not. It’s not my job to boss you. It’s my job to lead you and we work together to accomplish what we want to do in our business or whatever exactly. So I think that’s an important thing to have and learned when you get up in the morning, there was a gentleman here that brought your window magic to Orlando, and he had a great book called men mirror Pat wrote the book And basically, when you get up in the morning, with yourself in the mirror, etc. You know, what’s your vision yourself? What’s your belief system? What do you want to be?


Bill McGlade   12:41

On both for two years


Chunk   12:43

No. You make that decision every day. When you get up in the morning? What’s your attitude for today? What’s your going to be and you don’t you may be in pain, you may be hurt, you may not be feeling good. But when it’s time to go on stage, I’m talking stage of life, not just the stage for a presentation, and then you flip that switch and change that attitude. You know, what are you focused on for that time? And ask yourself the question, in this minute, what should I be doing? What do I need to be doing? And focus on that and get it accomplished?


Bill McGlade   13:19

I love it in for entrepreneurs out there. I mean, whenever you have to ask yourself, what should I be doing at this moment? It’s business of always business development. Right Never let your foot off the gas for that one. As you know, as a startup, for all that guy, I get often asked that question. Wow, I admire you for starting your own business. I admire you for doing all of that. You know, what is the number one thing that you would always say? Well, one, first take that step; just take this step, right? If you’ve been wanting to do it for so many years, and you’re in a spot in life that you can take the step doesn’t mean you have to quit your nine to five, you can still open up a side business and then number two is never stopped business development and so whenever that question comes up, it’s always that part of it. That flows nicely into the whole flip the switch, right? So because even I admit, I wake up some days I’m like, Is it the weekend yet? And then I realize, Oh, crap, it’s my own business is never the weekend.


Chunk   14:17

Isn’t that the truth? That you said? You haven’t got it in the health club one day says, Mr. Carson, talk to you for a minute, please. Sure. But I do so I’m getting ready to graduate from university and I want to be a success like you. I don’t look down so what makes you think of success. He stopped when you got a nice car, your business you have an airplane and I said you know what, I’m miserable. He just looked at me and I said there was a time I love doing that. But you’re having things different every now and then. So don’t ever make yourself stagnant. So, Bill you set in your hands Do other people is takes a risk? Step out don’t get stagnant No. But do something different to take that opportunity. But I used to say it’s the fear of paralysis, you have a paralysis of fear both ways. You’re scared to do something. So what do you do? You don’t do anything?


Bill McGlade   15:17

Nothing Yep,


Chunk   15:18

And that led me in something you and I were talking about the other day, it was one of my simple presentations. I did three words, three words to success and people said, oh, what is it? Well the first one is quit trying and they just give you a blank stare. You think? What do you mean that quit trying? That’s the number one. I don’t believe that we even exist if you look it up in a dictionary, one definition says to attempt to test and the other says test to account. All it does is run you in circles to quit trying. I said I just thought about it for a little bit late one time a weight watchers, and I said something I don’t believe in the word tries She said, you’re wrong. Good Alabama girls putting them wrong and she’s, I go shopping, I trial, the dresses? No, ma’am. That doesn’t and she was like, what do you mean? I said, No, you did? You went shopping; you made a decision, right? And then you found the dress, you wanted to try to take it off the rack? So you took control of that situation? You took that dress, right? And what did you do? You put it on, which was an action you did. So you acted? So you got a result when you looked in the mirror? Do you like it or not? Like it makes it Yes, I get it. So try doesn’t exist, you took control the situation, you did an action, and you get a result and you move forward, the result would be what you thought it was not, you may have saved money, but you go home, your husband gets on the taking care of the situation.


Bill McGlade   16:52

And either way you’ve learned something from the situation.


Chunk   16:56

That’s the mark of a good leader. Don’t be afraid to learn from your mistakes. You have to take some work we all do.


Bill McGlade   17:04

A lot of times I’ll come across articles and they always say, what the number one lesson is, make mistakes. I’ve learned? Everything that actually is like something I’ve learned everything based off of mistakes. You know, I’ve got some wins, but I’ve got 1000s of mistakes and that’s how you learn. That’s how you get the wins. That’s how you get the successes. What I will say is since we last spoke earlier this week, and you mentioned quit trying, I literally stopped saying the words I’ll try this week, even to myself, because I know I’ve got a to do list of my loan and instead of saying I’ll try, I decided the answer was, yes, I’ll do it and instead of, , taking a little bit of a break, I said, you know what, I’m going to do this, I’m not going to put it aside, I’m not going to procrastinate, I’m going to do it. I’m not going to try; I’m just going to do it and I did it and I revamped everything that I wanted to actually do this week minus one thing minus one thing, which we’ll get to next week. But literally that that just 10 second kind of Convo 10 minute combo, really with you from that standpoint, reframed my entire mindset, which is amazing. That’s what I loved the quit trying aspect of everything and so everyone out there, I want you to rewind this, and I want you to listen to that part. Specifically, we’ve got more to come, but re listen to that part because you need to quit trying. You need to just do make a decision, make an action.


Chunk   18:43

I’m thrilled that you did it. I’m thrilled bill because I’ve told people when I’ve gone out and done presentations or teeth, team functions when you hear one of your teammates say the word cracking, just stop using the word trice. You didn’t use one other word; I’m going to give a secret for it and we all do it. You said when? Yeah. Man so that was another word. That was one of my three words I looked at when I said no, and now, you’ve already taken the first step. You had willingness, right? Yes, you made willingness and then this week, you made it a habit. So that’s when the word went to me was a habit. So the idea is willingness. He has a habit and he did it enthusiastic would you say okay, I’m gone does it. I’m going to give a shot and see what happens here. You know, and then the last thing that in in the word when is when you do it, not when you ship comes in and not yes, you did it now. Yep. You don’t wait like I said you don’t wait and quit trying. Have a willingness make it a habit dude, enthusiastic, do it now quit, right.


Bill McGlade   19:52

That’s two nuggets already, ladies and gentlemen, and there’s still more to come. Alright, what was your third word?


Chunk   20:00

Oh gosh, what do you always get? Alright, your wife’s pregnant, right? Yes, she


Bill McGlade   20:03

Is baby Number two, we got a little one at home, right Two and a half year old.


Chunk   20:09

Two and a half at that stage why, daddy?


Bill McGlade   20:13

What? He’s not asking why what is he asking me right now? What’s this?


Chunk   20:21

What’s this? They’re smart one. He’s a genius.


Bill McGlade   20:25

He literally he goes around. What’s this? What’s that? And I have to think and try and remind myself what that actually is, Oh, that’s a cherry picker That’s not a thingamabob err that just lifts people up.


Chunk   20:42

I mean, if you learn from the little ones, the little ones do one or two things, right? They’re going to ask you what that’s ingrained in us from an early age because if I ask the question, what I’m going to get an answer. Yeah, the answer him yet and think about transfer? Houses, why? There really doesn’t lead to an answer. So I thought about the word while which I’m going to teach why is this person successful? Why did they have more sales and idea why but the first thing is, is well, why never get you to answer what does to your son’s ask me or what? Okay, and then second thing, ah, and why was how? How they do that? What did they do? How did they do it? And then again, the attitude is the Why, yes, I can to, to quit, ask them. Why. Just say what did they do? Or what is the answer? How did they get that? How is the answer? And yes, I can do it, too.


Bill McGlade   21:42

So this is what is so profound about what you said, now. Every other sales coach out there says you got to get to the why he got to get to the why and everyone is sitting back like, how the heck do I get to the why they never tell you actually what to do how to do it? You did? You literally just said exactly. What to do to get to the actual why behind your customers? Right To find the to find the how, and then yes, you can do it.


Chunk   22:23

Absolutely, but don’t want me. I’ve read those books get to your why no, yeah. Well, I get to what? What is it that what I do and what result I want to have, it’s what you want to get to know people do things for a couple of reasons and only real reasons are is to get an outcome either I want to avoid a loss or I want to have a game. That’s why you don’t want to get shot or want to run away. That’s a real life motivation. So what’s going to happen to me not? Well, why know what’s going to happen? And how am I going to do it? Yes, I want to do it.


Bill McGlade   23:03

And that’s what this is. Now, I’m rambling. This is what I love about the honest conversations with you, Chuck is because you tell the truth behind the meanings of what every other sales coach or every other leadership person will out there will tell you, you actually get to the meaning behind that. Right So everyone else is going to say hey go find out the Why go finding out the why, but really, it’s the what that’s behind the why it’s the how that’s behind the why, right? Yes, you can do that.


Chunk   23:31

Just a Dumbo Southern boy, I guess. I’ll get out of here into the Navy. Sadly and you’re out in California and why I moved to Florida but everybody thinks I’m a southern way to them that business now bam, I have an accent I guess. But you know I try to keep it simple. Really, life should be really simple and somebody asked me you know how do you live your license and I was driving across Canada one time can the meeting. I was listening to a radio show similar your podcast and again at the other end. So I don’t take credit for this. He said life’s an adventure to be lived. Not a problem to be solved and man, I thought about it because she got through life all the time thinking about the whys, another keyword, and another keyword. I was going to end with this but you brought it up. I had a buddy of mine from Austin and he corrected me he was a therapist and I used to go around like we said, here we go. I shouldn’t be doing this. I should be doing this. I shouldn’t be doing this. He lifted me in an Icelandic accent and he said don’t go shooting on yourself all the time and I just stopped cold. He goes because you don’t burn yourself all the time when you say you should and I said that’s it. I don’t want to keep saying I should anymore.


Bill McGlade   24:53

No more should would could,


Chunk   24:55

You got that right, buddy.


Bill McGlade   24:56

That’s right. No more shoulda, woulda coulda. It’s all about I will do this,


Chunk   25:02

I will do it we’ll do and you got to, as we said, don’t get that paralysis of fear. Because everybody fails, everybody makes mistakes; you’re not going to get the end of the world scenario. I mean, take small steps to start, if you don’t have to make the big one.


Bill McGlade   25:22

100% we’re built to not obtain massive goals that we set out for ourselves. But if you break that goal up into smaller bite sized pieces, you’ll obtain that larger goal quicker than you could ever even imagine. Because it’s all about the mindset, it’s that that you know, paralysis based off of fear. But then if you delve behind that a little bit, it becomes decision paralysis.


Chunk   25:47

Below 100% I mean, years ago, I used to do a presentation strictly on that. Spend other small, little attainable goals. You know, if you’re leading a team, if you’re a leader, I mean, give your small attainable goals, you build them as a team and keep people accountable, but they’re going to report to the keep making those steps and the whole sudden, you built the palace.


Bill McGlade   26:09

Yeah, I mean, look at the pyramid. It’s not like they just plop that up and they’re like, yeah, I’m going to build this huge U shaped thing. No, those stones are massive. They built it one piece at a time. That was one goal at a time. Really Are the UFO good? Well, I mean, that’s the other side of the story. I guess we’ll never know in our lifetime. So Well, actually, at the FBI did come out and say every stupid crazy stuff all the time, but the FBI did come out and say, I don’t know if you saw that, that there was a it looked, they’re confirming it was a UFO. Just out there, who knows what the future is going to bring forth? Right It’s we’re changing the name of the podcast; we’re now going alien hunting. Now check that and thank you for this wisdom and I know it’s only been a short time and I know you’ve got a ton more that’s available within your bank of knowledge that we’re going to keep cracking open throughout this year. But is there anything else any parting advice that you would like to share? You know, for everyone out there? And I have one more question after that for you.


Chunk   27:18

You know, the last thing I was saying anybody have it, as a leader in your life, have fun. Make it fun? Yeah. If you can’t smile at, if you can’t have a good time, what you’re doing, don’t do it, and do something else.


Bill McGlade   27:38

Something else, be passionate about it, make it fun; be yourself, you have to be authentic and for years, I’ve always been saying embrace your weird, right? You’ve got unique qualities about yourself and those unique characteristics are your weird, embrace it brings that into what you’re trying to do and that’s what’s going to make it fun.


Chunk   27:58

Absolutely Bill Wilson Well,


Bill McGlade   28:01

You mentioned something about the individual that asked you, how do you become successful? And the question you ask is, so spot on? What is it that you believe, is success, and so many people jumped to the cars, the planes, the aspects of the freedom, or whatever it might be? Now that you’ve, I mean, you’re very successful, by every definition of every book, right? You’re happy, you’ve had the success from, and the franchises from all of that. Your charities, the nonprofits, everything What is it that you after all of this Now, consider success?


Chunk   28:47

Well, that’s a good one, you really have to stop and think. I think the bottom line is knows who you are. Knowing who you are, what makes you really use that old term, what makes you tick, but really, who you are in every stage of your life and change? So you learn something every step along the way. So like you said, what is your belief system? What is your value system? And find some I had executives asked me when I left that corporate world and sold the business and went to the nonprofit how to do it. So believe it or not, business taught me a lot of things and one was I learned to be compassionate. I’ve learned to be caring. I’ve learned to listen. I learned to have that vision and I learned to have the drive and then I realized you just said a minute ago. What is my character who am I? When you know that you get it done and I’m going to share something here that was quite emotional had to share the other night after taking the smell nonprofit that should have been bankrupt When they asked me to step up and now making it my wife for 25 years. Like I said, I’m not even kidding. I told my board of directors this maybe last year, and I’m going to move to something different and they retired and that was emotional and they started off with little testimonials. I said, Stop it. You want to be replaceable; we’ll never get another check net and I said you don’t want another shot. You want somebody that knows who they are another personality mother person; she could understand their visions, their beliefs, and their values into me to be a personal success. Once you’ve learned these things, and you live those things. Your success is not the Jaguar it’s not the Porsche. It’s not the airplane. It’s not finding your, I know who I am and I know what I have to offer someone else.


Bill McGlade   31:00

Thank you, Chunk and I know that was quite a bit for free to share as well. So I appreciate that. More than more than you know. Whether you retire or go on to what makes you happy at this moment in time in life. I wish you all the best. But more importantly, I hope that we stay in touch and stay friends as well.


Chunk   31:23

We will bill thank you so much for inviting me today. Thank you again.


Bill McGlade   31:28

Truly my pleasure All right Thank you, Chunk Thank you, everyone out there listening As a reminder, April 23 sales for your eyes only make sure to register. We’ll put the link in there. Check out the full speaker lineup and then who knows maybe down the line this year. We’ll have Chunk on as a presenter as well. Thanks, everyone for listening. We’ll catch you next time.