Virtual Event Marketing:


Why do you need outsourced help to grow your next event?


The event industry has been flourishing by leaps and bounds over the past few decades, and it is for sure that nothing can stop this trend now. According to recent figures, the UK Event industry is accounted for more than 35% of the visitor’s economy. But amid Covid-19, this dilemma has taken over the community by storm to go online.  In terms of event marketing, virtually social media is the new tool. Outsourcing a Virtual event is of prime importance these days as this can eventually increase your event popularity and overall success rates.

Here take a look at some of the exceptional Virtual Event marketing strategies that you must apply to gear up greater audience reach.

  • Use of proper Keyword Selection:

This is the era of technology and who is on top, is the new leader. So, here comes the use of SEO techniques to reach on the top of SERPs. For this purpose, Google Ads play a crucial role in terms of providing words that people are actually searching for on Google. Take advantage of this approach and you can surely boost your audience number.


  • Sharing by Event’s Sponsors and Partners:

Now, this is something that can skyrocket your event’s popularity nationally as well as internationally. All you have to do is simply negotiate with your event’s sponsors and your partners to share the event’s details on their social media networks. This will augment your show vogue by many folds. You can share your event’s affiliate links, hash tags or any other relevant data to get it streaming all around.


  • Promotion of Event by its Speakers:

Potential speakers of the event can play a crucial role in the promotional campaign of the event. As, the speakers can give their bio for marketing purposes of the event. Also, they can self-promote themselves on their social media accounts with their followers about their appearance in your event. They can also promote other speakers and ultimately this will give hype to your event.


  • Go for blog posts:

Another great idea to foster your event’s marketability is to get blog posts published about your upcoming event. This should include all the relevant details and novel ideas you are about to introduce before the public. I am sure people are always eager to read exciting news about what’s happening in their field of interests. So, make people curious about your event by giving some highlights, so that they start waiting to be a part of your event.


  • Utilize a multitude of Social media platforms:

As I said before, digital marketing is all standing on the pillars of social media. Thanks to a plethora of platforms available now where you can efficiently market your virtual event beforehand and get noticed. For example, Facebook where it is all free to add any upcoming events and it allows your followers to get a sneak peak. Also, LinkedIn is a great platform to share your event details where many professionals can reach out to you. You can add hash tags on Twitter to spread the word, and so on.



Benefits of outsourcing a Virtual Event:


  1. Cost Reduction:

One of the significant advantages of outsourcing your virtual event is reduced expenses and costs. This will allow the professional team to work for you even on an hourly basis rather than full-time and eventually will cost you less. Also, they are professional people who are best aware of the marketing strategies that are required to be implemented for the best results.


  1. Saves office time:

You do not have to devise your office members to indulge in the hefty work of managing the event’s marketing matters. You have a separate virtual team for this purpose. So, you can focus on other areas to get things done in the best possible way.


  1. No training required:

An ample amount of time and funds are required to train the team to work for office management as per the set criterion. If you have outsourced the whole virtual event management and event marketing, then it will surely save a lot of your time and energy to train your office team.

Plus, you can always expect promising results from the already expert team to work extraordinarily for you.



  1. A wider audience:

Hosting a virtual event is a far different experience than an actual event physically happening anywhere. You have to take into account the issues of space, location, parking, and so on. But virtual events are going to be more of a piece of cake for you. But of course, it requires a lot of online working on the marketing of such events and professional teams are always out there for you!


They make sure that your virtual event is going to have a much wider audience reach and high ROIs. This is not an illusion as obviously it is much easier for people to come online in the comfort of their homes, rather than reaching somewhere at any cost.


Also, it is seen that virtual events have more than 10 times high audience attendance. Plus you can always monitor your event attendance rates and attendees profiles for future contact.


  1. Less Event marketing expense:

It is evident that when you are not physically hosting an event, but virtually you are definitely going to save on money. Event marketing is a difficult task in terms of printing brochures or banners, especially when you are branding any specific company or number of companies on your event. But thanks to the virtual world that has allowed the owners to save a significant amount of money on event marketing.


The digital world gives you better control over your investments in terms of better control on ROI rates and spending on Google Ads like SEO or email marketing etc.


In a nutshell, outsourcing virtual events have made the lives of investors a whole lot easier with boosted sales and higher success ratios.